Predictive Maintenance for Airlines

Predictive Maintenance for Airlines brings together onboard sensor data, historical maintenance log information, SKU data and predictive AI to proactively mitigate aircraft maintenance issues, minimize service interruptions and prevent extended aircraft grounding time.


My roles


Interviewed several SME's in the airline industry to learn about their current processes and pain points with regards to the complex task of managing the maintenance of aircraft fleets. Discussed and explored the various available data sources that might help them make better maintenance decisions.


Co-led several ideation workshops which included experienced fleet managers and other SMEs. Defined personas, use-cases and the feature sets that would be most impactful for the MVP.

Design & Development

White boarded initial key screens, created user-flows, lo-fi wireframes and final UI templates. Worked closely with the dev team throughout the development process.


The Process &
End Product

Click through the gallery to view some discovery and ideation artifacts and a few final screenshots of the app


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