ACT Mobile App

Automatic Contact Tracing (ACT), a component of PwC's Check-In suite, is a platform built for large enterprises with employees returning to work after COVID. Built on a proprietary platform, ACT uses cell phone proximity signals and beacon technology to allow for pinpoint-accurate contact tracing within the designated boundaries of a corporate property. I was charged with designing the native iOS and Android onboarding app that guides individual employees through the opt-in and permissions process necessary for tracing them on the network.

ACT Mobile Hero.png

My roles

Wireframing & Testing

Working with the product team, we came up with the basic flow for the app, identified all of the screens and permissions that the user would need to activate to make the tracing work. I then wireframed the entire flow from end-to-end and tested/refined the mockups based on user feedback.

UI Design and Development

Worked with an illustrator to develop a sequence of supporting visuals for the app then designed the final UI with the visuals integrated. Working closely with the offshore development team, oversaw the UI implementation, providing iterative design enhancements throughout the process. Worked with the product team to brainstorm and design new features based on client and market demand.



Click through the gallery to view some discovery and ideation artifacts and a few final screenshots of the app


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