Supply Chain Control Tower

SCCT is a powerful monitoring tool that gives managers full control over their supply chain. This includes real-time status feedback and pinpoint-accurate issues-assessment capabilities. Deploying predictive AI, managers can see potential problems before they occur and choose system-generated mitigation scenarios for the most optimal outcomes.

SCCT Hero big.png

My roles


Created, executed and analyzed the results of of an online survey of several dozen supply chain managers to get an understanding of their needs, current tools and processes. Created two main personas from this survey for whom we would design the MVP tool. Also did a market analysis of current supply chain management tools and features.


Co-ran a three-day ideation workshop with the sector and product teams as well as several SME's and potential users. We brainstormed use-cases, feature-sets, architecture, data requirements and design approaches. Outputs included whiteboard sketches, rough wireframes, an MVP feature-set list and a draft design / dev roadmap.


Solidified the user flows for the tool, created more detailed wireframes and executed the final UI/UX screen layouts and data visualizations.



Click through the gallery to view some discovery and ideation artifacts and a few final screenshots of the app


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