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Unmudl - User Research and UX Overhaul Project

Unmudl is a recently-launched online marketplace that harnesses the collective power of community colleges to bring job training and career skills to the masses. Since launch, the company has observed some notable underperformance in their most vital KPIs and lower than optimal course registrations and sales. I was enlisted to help them create and implement a plan to assess the state of their site's UX by way of user testing, a heuristic evaluation, persona re-alignment and reconsideration of their end-to-end customer experience.

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Unmudl: Bio

My Roles

Research Strategy

Create a research roadmap that includes a user-testing program to identify any failure points in the UX that might be impacting visitor retainment and revenue. Re-align the company's original assumption-based personas with data-driven ones based on actual people.

Test Planning

Led brainstorming sessions with the product team to identify participant requirements and create a prioritized list of things that we would include in the test sessions. From this list I created the first draft of the test script which we refined together iteratively.

User Testing, Data Collection and Analysis

Moderated a total of ten user sessions that entailed real-time site task analysis, and A/B testing the site against some newly proposed designs. Worked with the team to help make sense of the results, create a final report and list of recommendations.

Unmudl: Projects


Click through the gallery to view some of the artifacts created in the course of the user testing effort (more coming soon!).

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Unmudl: Pro Gallery

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