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The Things I Do

I am UX practitioner and User Champion who for more than two decades has been working to help organizations discover, design and develop compelling, effective and user-centric digital solutions in a wide range of industries. I have worked on 'marketing' websites, large-scale content-driven sites, and feature-rich/data-driven web applications for both consumers and internal business stakeholders. I have also designed mobile-adaptive (responsive) websites and apps, as well as native ioS applications. As a 'generalist' my competencies are broad and include discovery, architecture design (IA), wireframing & documentation, user-testing, interaction design, responsive HTML prototyping, UI/graphic design and QA. I am a huge advocate of 'mobile-first' design and Agile UX methodologies, but especially keeping the user embedded in and central to the design process.


User-testing, field studies, one-on-one interviews, group discovery sessions, surveys, heuristic evaluations, analytics assessments, competitor analysis.

Watch me moderate a user test


Personas, sitemaps, whiteboarding/sketching, user journeys, user-stories, wireframes, storyboards.


Translate wireframes into elegant, polished UI, data visualization, brand integration, pattern libraries / design systems.


As a former front-end coder, I am quite familiar with the capabilities and constraints of HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc., and I design accordingly. I also have years of experience playing the role of Embedded UXer alongside local and remote engineering teams.


I have years of experience working with clients, business, design teams and product managers. I have led teams of UXers and developed processes for effectively implementing complex UX implementation programs within the agile environment. I have excellent negotiation and diplomacy skills.


All good design begins with great content. This lover or words and former English Lit major has a solid understanding of content strategy and writing for the web.

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