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Benchmarking Desktop to Mobile Adaptation

The goal of this project was to create a mobile version of PwC's Benchmarking Central tool. The complexity of the UI and data visualizations of the Benchmarking tool, having been built for the desktop, did not lend itself to a responsive solution, so we opted to reimagine it as a purely mobile experience with the goal of maintaining the utility and power of its desktop version. Employing a combination of standard and highly customized mobile UI patterns, we designed a solution that enjoys an extremely high adoption rate across the firm, rivalling its desktop-based cousin.

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Benchmarking Mobile: Bio

My roles

Comparative Heuristic Evaluation

Reviewed the current-state desktop tool against a set of mobile design heuristics, identifying features that could be adapted for mobile with minimal effort, as well as those that would need reimagining to make work.

Interaction Design and Testing

Wireframed the screens of the core mobile user journeys, carefully mapping each feature, interaction and visualization from the desktop. Ran several user tests on the the wireframes with a group of desktop users to validate the UX, finalizing the mocks based on the users' feedback.

High Fidelity UI Design

Adapted components of the PwC Appkit Pattern Library for Desktop to finalize the UI, making accommodations for mobile. Worked with the engineering team throughout the development process to insure the integrity of the experience.

Benchmarking Mobile: Projects


Click through the gallery to view some discovery and ideation artifacts and a few final screenshots of the app

Benchmarking Mobile: Text
Benchmarking Mobile: Pro Gallery

See more - links coming soon!

Benchmarking Mobile: Text
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